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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

One month down...

Wow, has it already been one month since I started the Mustang Makeover challenge? Amazing how times flies. Hard to believe that the same horse who dragged me halfway across the roundpen on Day 1 is now learning about bending, correct leads, and showing in his first dressage test on Saturday evening! To be honest, I do doubt whether or not I'm doing a good job with him, especially on what seems like a particularly bad day, but when I remember just how long I've had him, I realize just how far he's come along.

Today, I lunged him on lunge line for the first time and after some confused moments and a couple "I don't want too" hissy-fits, he settled in and did pretty good. He even got his right lead canter a couple times, which has been a problem for the past week or so. Then I walked and long-trotted him around the jump arena for a while, working on his bending, keeping his hip under him, and getting him quicker off my leg. Overall, he did really well during his workout.

Later that morning, the equine dentist came out to float some of the horses' teeth, including Raider's. Not only did he need his teeth floated, but he also needed his wolf teeth pulled. We thought that he would act up, especially when trying to pull his teeth (one tooth gave us a bit of a problem in coming out) but instead he stood perfectly still the whole time-and all he had was a light sedative (nearly killed my hips in holding up his head though-OUCH!)! The dentist couldn't believe how well-behaved he was for a 3-year-old mustang and I was simply very happy with how he acted. Thursday, he gets his feet trimmed for the first time, which I'm not worried about at all. He still thinks he can't quite stand on three feet, especially when you hold up his front feet, but he's getting the hang of it. So hopefully, he'll behave for the farrier just as good as he did today.

And I got some more photos of him!

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