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Sunday, October 2, 2011

LCHA October show

I'll try to do this as best I can. Right now, I got my new puppy, Tucker, on my bed and he's ready to play before bedtime. I currently have him pacified with a glove that lost its mate and a stuffed animal. As for not doing this earlier, I've been off and on sick all week, so I haven't had the energy to get up and write something out ON ANYTHING, including my blog.

Anyway, yesterday was the Leon County October Horse show and Raider did awesome. I only showed him in three classes this time: Western Pleasure, Western Horsemanship, and Trail. All week, we've been working on his lead changes (which we've almost got), so I was frankly, a little worried that he wouldn't take his lead. But when we got into the ring, he did great. He kept his head down and when I asked for the lead I wanted, he gave it to me. I was very happy when he took first in that class.

Horsemanship class didn't work out as well. He didn't take his lead when I asked and when he did, he gave me the wrong lead. It was my fault though because I tried to rush him into it, instead of simply taking my time in getting him into it. So we only took second in that (Marsha and I were the only ones in the senior class.).

In the trail class though, his pattern was beautiful. The pattern itself wasn't that difficult, but what made it challenging was there were three poles in a triangle shape and you had to back your horse around it. Some of the other riders were worried about it and in the end, I think psyched themselves out of doing good (which I've seen happen plenty of times; I've done it a few myself) but I didn't worry about it. I simply stayed confidant in Raider's ability and told myself to take it slow. And we did. And he performed the pattern beautifully, especially backing around the poles nice and tight and taking the correct lead (again, I took my time on that). I was very happy with how he performed and the judge was too, cause she gave him first in that class too. But the best part was, I think Raider had a lot of fun at the show yesterday.

This week, Marsha and I are going to work both mustangs on horsemanship patterns to get them better at it before the Tennessee show and we're going to start planning out my freestyle for him. I now have a song picked out for him; we're going to ride to it and see if it's the one that fits him best. I hope it does, cause I really love the song and can sort of picture portions of a freestyle to parts of the song. But we'll see.

Alright, well I'm going to sign off for the night and tell you the rest of what happened last week tomorrow night. I've currently got a napping puppy that I need to wake up and play with so he can sleep through the night.

Goodnight everyone!

God Bless,

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